Roadmap to 0.7.4

The next version of Owl is already under development. It will be version 0.7.4. As with all of our pre-1.0 versions, each version will include just one additional major feature.

The feature presented with version 0.7.4 is spell-checking in the Post Text Editor. This is a common feature available in any text editor today and we believe it is an essential feature for an application like Owl.

In addition, some of the bugs we’ve noticed in 0.7.3 will be fixed in 0.7.4. These include:

[ ] Tapatalk parser will timeout
[ ] Large images do not resize
[ ] Submitting Post/Thread should not close the dialog
[ ] UserAgent option in settings should have a dropdown with more options
[ ] Rearranging board order in Preferences/Settings can be slow at times
[ ] Support for HTTP authentication
[ ] Importing board file with bad XML silently fails
[ ] Multiple forum structure changed notification locks UI

We anticipate the new version to be ready by the end of March! Please check this blog periodically for updates! Or follow us on Twitter!

Owl 0.7.3 on Mac App Store

Updates in this version includes:

  • BBcode rendering
  • HTTPS support
  • various ui changes/improvements
  • improved stability

The updated version of Owl is available on the Mac App Store.

New version coming soon!

We have a long overdue update “Pending” in the Mac App Store. This version will include improved BBcode rendering, improved stability and a number of bug fixes. A new version for Windows will follow.

Owl 0.7.2 on Mac App Store

Updates in this version includes:

  • improved stability
  • improved the pane re-sizing in the UI
  • no longer needs to log back in after being idle, if the site’s cookies haven’t expired

The updated version of Owl is available on the Mac App Store.

Owl 0.7.1 on Mac App Store

The updated version of Owl is available on the Mac App Store.

Features coming in version 1.0

Even though Apple does not allow us to call Owl a Beta, the version of Owl released on the Mac App Store (and currently available for download here on the website) is not a feature-complete version of our 1.0 release. Version 1.0 will have two different versions, a Premium paid version (the price is still undetermined but expect it to be in the $4.99 – $9.99 range) and a Free version with ads and fewer features.

These are some of the features we are working to include in version 1.0:

Features in the Free and Full versions:

  • Spell Check – Users will get a visual indication of incorrectly spelled words (red line drawn under the word) and will be given a list of replacement options when right-mouse clicking on the word.
  • New Posts – Users will be able to view a list of threads with New Posts in a single list. The current view will still be accessible and will exist alongside a “New Posts” view.
  • Private Messages – Reading and Composing PMs will be supported in version 1.0.

Features in Full versions only:

  • Save Thread – This will allow users to save a threads to a local HTML, XML or text file with out having to do so manually.
  • Drafts – Partially composed messages can be saved in “Drafts” that can later be retrieved and completed. Drafts will save the message board and thread in which the user created the message.
  • Moderate Tools (Tapatalk only) – Moderation tools will be available on boards connected to Owl via Tapatalk. This will include: Approve/Reject Posts, Edit Posts, Delete Posts, Move Posts.

Owl 0.7.0 on Mac App Store

The updated version of Owl is available on the Mac App Store.

Guest Viewing and New User Registration

The current release of Owl requires that users have an existing user at the message boards they are adding to Owl. If you do not have a valid username with a message board then there is currently no way to add it.

Future releases of Owl will support Guest Viewing and New User Registration.

vbulletin 3.x parser

A user submitted a board that was not browsable using Owl even though the board uses vBulletin 3.6.0. Even though this is an older version of vBulletin, the Owl vbulletin 3.x parser should support it. After some investigation there was an error found in the vBulletin parser which also required a code change to the Owl code itself.

This fix will be available in the next release of Owl (version 0.7.1) in the next couple weeks. In the meantime some vBulletin 3.x boards will be incompatible with Owl.

For more information on parsers and how they’re used in Owl see our wiki page.

Version 0.7.0

With the release of 0.5.0 on the Mac App Store, some users reported that the Owl would not start and instead would crash immediately. This issue has been addressed and version 0.7.0 is currently waiting for review by Apple and should be published in the next few days.

An unsigned version for OSX and Windows can be downloaded here.

Download version 0.7.0.