Roadmap to 0.7.4

The next version of Owl is already under development. It will be version 0.7.4. As with all of our pre-1.0 versions, each version will include just one additional major feature.

The feature presented with version 0.7.4 is spell-checking in the Post Text Editor. This is a common feature available in any text editor today and we believe it is an essential feature for an application like Owl.

In addition, some of the bugs we’ve noticed in 0.7.3 will be fixed in 0.7.4. These include:

[ ] Tapatalk parser will timeout
[ ] Large images do not resize
[ ] Submitting Post/Thread should not close the dialog
[ ] UserAgent option in settings should have a dropdown with more options
[ ] Rearranging board order in Preferences/Settings can be slow at times
[ ] Support for HTTP authentication
[ ] Importing board file with bad XML silently fails
[ ] Multiple forum structure changed notification locks UI

We anticipate the new version to be ready by the end of March! Please check this blog periodically for updates! Or follow us on Twitter!

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