Monthly Archives: April 2017

Image overlay

Another new feature we’ve been working on for the upcoming Owl release is a new way to view images within Owl. The goal of this feature is to make sure that all images are clickable and that when clicked they show up in a transparent overlay. We have made a lot of progress with this feature in the past couple days and here is what it looks like:

You can see here that the image take up the entire app window. Future versions will have “Copy Image Url” and “Save Image As” options in this window.

User avatars

Here is a screenshot of Owl showing user avatars. This is another feature that will be in the next release.

Owl running on CentOS

One of the several things we’ve been working on is getting Owl to work on Linux.After some effort we finally have a working build for CentOS. The UI still needs to be tweaked and updated but the fact that it’s building and running is a significant milestone as we are now able to target all three major desktop platforms!

What is interesting about this is that the UI looks very similar to how the UI looks on Windows. I can see that some of the issues faced on Windows will also need to be addressed on CentOS. For example the dramatically different font sizes in the thread and post panes.