Monthly Archives: June 2016

Another update on 0.7.6

The refactoring of our network code has been mostly finished. We have a few minor enhancements and bug fixes top make but the majority of the work is done!

We are also planning to do a significant refactor of our configuration system (Issue #163). We hope to have all of this work wrapped up in July and release a new version!

2,000 Commits

Today we hit a milestone of 2,000 commits into our code repository system. Woo!

The next version of Owl will include significant refactoring not just of the networking subsystem but also of the memory management. Most of these changes should be transparent to the user except for a significant increase in performance.

We are confident in saying that the next version will be released some time in July. Stay tuned for an exact date!

Update on 0.7.6

As mentioned, we have set out to do a significant refactor in this upcoming version of Owl. Instead of using the Qt libraries networking libraries, we are switching over to libcurl. So far we are seeing a significant increase in network performance. We are still early in the process but the results so far are promising.

If we don’t encounter any significant road blocks, we may be able to get this version out some time in July and move on to other features for future releases.

Upcoming in 0.7.6

The next version of Owl will be version 0.7.6. This version will include a major rewrite of the networking code that Owl uses to communicate. To the end user the next version of Owl will seem very similar to the existing version since most of the work being done is “under the hood”.

We have identified a few bugs with version 0.7.5, namely related to Tapatalk and the OS clipboard. Issues such as these will be resolved in the next release.

We hope to have the next version released some time in August!

Owl 0.7.5 on App Store

A new version of Owl is available on the Mac App Store.