Features coming in version 1.0

Even though Apple does not allow us to call Owl a Beta, the version of Owl released on the Mac App Store (and currently available for download here on the website) is not a feature-complete version of our 1.0 release. Version 1.0 will have two different versions, a Premium paid version (the price is still undetermined but expect it to be in the $4.99 – $9.99 range) and a Free version with ads and fewer features.

These are some of the features we are working to include in version 1.0:

Features in the Free and Full versions:

  • Spell Check – Users will get a visual indication of incorrectly spelled words (red line drawn under the word) and will be given a list of replacement options when right-mouse clicking on the word.
  • New Posts – Users will be able to view a list of threads with New Posts in a single list. The current view will still be accessible and will exist alongside a “New Posts” view.
  • Private Messages – Reading and Composing PMs will be supported in version 1.0.

Features in Full versions only:

  • Save Thread – This will allow users to save a threads to a local HTML, XML or text file with out having to do so manually.
  • Drafts – Partially composed messages can be saved in “Drafts” that can later be retrieved and completed. Drafts will save the message board and thread in which the user created the message.
  • Moderate Tools (Tapatalk only) – Moderation tools will be available on boards connected to Owl via Tapatalk. This will include: Approve/Reject Posts, Edit Posts, Delete Posts, Move Posts.

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