Tapatalk Logout Bug

The Tapatalk issue that saw the connection in Owl timeout after a certain amount of time has finally been resolved. This was tracked as Bug #117 and ended up being rather easy to fix, once the fix was known.

In case you’re curious, it so happens that Tapatalk issues login requests every 15 minutes. For some reason the sessions will not last longer than 15 minutes and this seems to be true with multiple message board software (we tested vBulletin 3.x, vbulletin 4.x, XenForo 1.x) and for the Tapatalk Android and iPad clients. While this seems like an odd design decision it was one that was easy to implement. The next version of Owl will duplicate this behavior so the sessions should, in theory, last indefinitely.

We are still working on Bug #168 and Bug #150, both which we hope to have resolved before releasing version 0.7.5 in early June.

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